About Us

The Department of Postal Products (Kyrgyzmarkasy) is a production structural unit of OJSC "Kyrgyz pochtasy" under the Ministry of Digital Development of the Kyrgyz Republic. our main activity is the preparation for publication, issue and sale of postage stamps and other philatelic products (first day envelopes, post сards, etc.) of the OJSC "Kyrgyz post". 

The Department of Postal Products (Kyrgyzmarkasy) on a contractual basis carries out the following activities:

- development and production of philatelic products;

- export and import of philatelic products;

- sale of philatelic products.

Kyrgyz Republic, Department of Postal Products (Kyrgyz Markasy) OJSC "Kyrgyzpost"

Bishkek, st. Orozbekova 1A

tel. 0312 623929,

 0312 623919

0312 300468

e-mail: kgstamps@elcat.kg

 Head Aliev Askerbekevich